Asian Massage In Soho


Need a treat beyond the odd evening drink or tasty meal? How does a special body to body massage sound? At Tottenham Court Massage, these are our speciality…Our goddesses are ready and waiting to give you the massage of a lifetime.


Imagine first soaking in warm water from head to toe. Awakening all your sexual instincts, a beautiful Asian girl then massages every part of your body. Full of desire and passion, it won’t be long before the world of 9-5 is far away. Eliminating any of your physical or emotional stresses, your mind and body will both be transfigured.


If you prefer a massage with oil, why not consider our tantric massages? Covering your body in oil, one of our stunning Asian masseuses will build things up slowly. Bringing you to the point of orgasm several times, it won’t be long before you’re finally released. Nothing prepares you for climax like an all-body massage. By relaxing all your muscles, it paves the way for one incredible explosion of pleasure.


But don’t just read about it…book yourself an appointment today!


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